Friday, October 31, 2008

More Onesies

I guess some people might think it's a bit crazy to actually be making onesies, but the challenge was that I have never worked with knit fabric before as well as I really wanted to have them made out of bamboo. I think it is worth it when I feel how soft and lovely they are compared with just plain cotton. I'm also having fun cutting up bits of fabric to applique onto them! My snap press machine arrived and I am so happy with it that I know I will be putting snaps on everything now. Hmmm.... What to put snaps on???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bamboo Onesies

I thought I would write a post about what I am working on lately. I ordered some lovely bamboo fabric from The Bamboo Store to make onesies for the baby. The fabric is sooooo soft! This is my first time sewing with knit fabric and so it took me a bit of extra time to work this first one out. I hope to get the hang of it though and chug these out. The bottom still needs snaps, which are kind of a pain to put in so I ordered a snap press machine today since I will be making many clothing items with snaps.

We went to Sydney this last week and finally bought some of the baby things that we will need, which is good to have done. Some of it had to be ordered in, so the sooner the better. I can't believe that I am starting my third trimester tomorrow. It's going so fast and I am enjoying every bit of it--even though it is somewhat more difficult to move around and to sleep at night as well--my arms go numb...

I am starting to get a real itch to quilt again lately as well, but I am trying to do as much baby sewing as I can. While we were in Sydney I dragged my husband with me to visit Material Obsession so I could have a nice browse at a real quilt shop. Very lovely fabrics, though a small shop. Even better husband found the best food of the trip across the street at an Italian deli so he was happy too!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And The Three Bears...

And The Three Bears... is the name of the pattern I used to make these Teddy Bears. I used Minky fabrics in Tiger, Leopard and Cheetah prints so I'm calling them the cat bears. They're so super soft and cuddly and pretty easy to make as well. I'm having lots of fun sewing again. I went to quilt group yesterday and traced and cut out clothes patterns instead of quilting. All the ladies in the group are accomplished seamstresses who grew up taking classes and sewing their own clothes, so I can get help from them as I go.

I am feeling the baby move all the time now and the kicking is getting stronger too! We will be going up to Sydney in a couple weeks time and will probably shop for the big baby items... It will be fun! I'm also going to indulge in going out to eat with husband as we almost never do and it won't be the same after January!! I'm really getting excited the closer the time gets!

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