Thursday, July 24, 2008


So tomorrow I am finally 14 weeks along, which I am told is the start of the second trimester! I thought I would post a picture of my first ultrasound that was done this week at 13 weeks and 3 days. My husband went with me to the ultrasound and I think we were both kind of amazed that there is actually a baby in there. So far so good... I was very very tired from about 6-12 weeks, but recently have been feeling a little more energetic and actually feel like eating again. I am so excited about the whole process of being pregnant and am enjoying it. I just am so lucky that I don't have stresses of a job or lots of responsibilities at the moment. It makes it so much more special to just be able to experience this! I'm sure there will be plenty of responsibility and work soon enough!

For some reason I have had absolutely no desire to quilt or sew, but I have been busy knitting garments. I will post some pictures soon of what I have been working on...

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