Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back Home Again!

Look at what I get to come home to! My dh is so nice helping me do dishes this morning and wearing my newly made apron. I forgot to mention I made it to be reversible so this is the other side of the same apron.

It's wonderful to be home again. It's been like a second honeymoon since dh missed me so much. I've been cooking special meals for him in between trying to get everything organized and unpacked and clean. This is very important as his heart is in his stomach!

We got a wonderful view of the lunar eclipse the other night, probably the best eclipse I have seen. We had the binoculars out and were able to view the moon right from our outside deck. Did anyone else get a chance to see it?

I'm itching to start sewing again...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Retro Apron Finished

So, I saw this lovely Michael Miller fabric in the LQS the other day and couldn't resist making it into an apron. I've never sewed an apron before, but they had this one in the quilt shop so I thought I would have a go at it. It was fun to make, but the directions were terrible, at least for a beginner sewer like me. I sort of just had to figure it out on my own, which wasn't too bad, but the ties aren't as "finished" looking as I would have liked. I am glad I sewed a couple of Amy Butler patterns first, so that I know good directions do exist out there. I think if I had just bought this pattern as a first time sewing project, I would have given up on using sewing patterns. I would have felt like you're better off saving your money and making it up as you go along.

Today is my last full day in the States. I did most of my packing on Sunday, but I have a few last minute things to do before I get on that plane tomorrow night. It's always sad to be leaving one place for another, but being home again will be wonderful.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Wave Day

Today we had some pretty big waves--at least by Lake Huron standards. I just got out of the water after an hour of swimming in these fun waves. Such awesome free fun! Now I need to warm up, it was only 65 degrees out there!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekender Bag Finished

Wow! I finished the Amy Butler Weekender Bag this morning. I have to say that this has been a slow going project, but for the main part very enjoyable. The part I didn't like was sewing the piping on the bag. It was very tricky to sew close to the piping but not over it and thus keeping it even all the way around the bag. I sewed so many stitches in this bag that it should be quite durable! This bag holds a lot and will actually be perfect for short trips as well as for using as a carry on bag on the plane journey home.

Did anyone see the meteor showers last night? I went outside last night and saw one go completely across the sky and turn green, then blue then white! It was quite amazing actually! Maybe I'll get lucky and see more tonight...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Small Diversion

I realized as I was working on my weekender bag that I had the wrong foot so as I was waiting to get a proper zipper foot yesterday, I made this little table topper for the cottage. I got a couple charm packs of Moda's Fall Back in Time at the LQS. Nothing extraordinary but still fun to play with some different fabrics...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Weekender Bag In Progress

I thought I would post a little of the bag I am working on. Do you recognize the fabric? It's Amy Butler's new line called Nigella as well as her pattern, "Weekender Bag". It's raining a bit today, so maybe I'll make a bit of progress on it. So far it seems to be going ok, but a little tricky getting the cording to look neat. We'll see how it comes together!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Sewing Space

Yesterday my mom and dad came over and set this desk up here in the cottage. It's not really supposed to be a sewing table, but my mom wants to start painting with watercolors this fall. In the meantime it makes a great space to work while I am still here. It is so wonderful to look out at the lake, watch the black squirrels, chipmunks and humming birds right out of the window. I couldn't imagine a more perfect place. Makes me wish I had a nice place to sew at home, but one day...

At the moment I am trying my hand at sewing the Weekender Travel Bag from an Amy Butler pattern. I need it to use as a carry on for my trip home as I gave the one I had to my husband before he left. I gave it away to force myself into this challenge of making my own! I have been intimidated to sew bags previously, so I am excited to be tackling something new and challenging.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Cabo Halter Finished

Ok, so this is the first clothing item I have ever sewed! This is the Cabo Halter pattern by Amy Butler. I wanted to make something using Amy Butler because her instructions are so thorough. The fabric I used was from Joel Dewberry which I think works great for this item. I think I did well enough on all the steps and getting the sewing right, but the fit is not quite right on me. I think I made it too large, though it is still wearable... Maybe too, I am not used to the style. I don't know, I need to get more practice learning how to make adjustments to patterns so that they fit me.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Three More Amy Butler Chelsea Bags

I'm back up north again after attending my friend's wedding down state. I really was missing the lake in this hot weather! It's so beautiful up here, I just love summers at the cottage.

So, I just finished three more Chelsea bags this morning. I think I have got the hang of this one now, although the whole time my sewing machine has been playing up on me so the stitches are not as neat as I would like them to be. I changed my needle to a denim one and things seemed to go better. I just wish I had basic sewing knowledge or someone on hand to ask advice as I went along. I like how sturdy these bags are with the timtex on the inside. All of these purses will be gifts for friends over here...

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